Sustainable Mobility :
Gunco’s mobility plan is aimed at all possible means of transport by which you can travel to Gunco. By bike as well as by public transport or carpooling. In this plan we give our employees a lot of useful information and tips on alternative ways to come to work. With regard to the fleet, we look into clean engines with low emissions, a fuel consumption that is as low as possible and increased tax benefits.

Waste management:
When products such as batteries, tyres, oil and industrial packaging are produced, they also have to be disposed of at the end of their life cycle. In the meantime, most of the disposable packaging has been replaced by more sustainable packaging. Only 3% of the packaging at Gunco is non-recyclable. In addition to the above-mentioned products, Gunco also has to dispose of at least 30 other different kinds of waste, such as product remnants, metal, wood and construction waste. In order to help fight environmental pollution, Gunco commits to processing all waste in a durable manner.

Reconditioned parts from waste:
TVH takes care of the waste of used industrial vehicles. 35% of the weight of these vehicles is renewed, 61% of the weight is recycled and 0,5% is used as a source of energy. Some parts are renewed and intensively tested to guarantee their quality. These parts become reconditioned parts and last for multiple product life cycles.

Gunco offers all its employees the opportunity to work in a healthy and safe working environment. A healthy spirit in a healthy body is a condition to function properly. That’s why Gunco takes actions to optimize the health of the employees by conducting a policy about alcohol and drugs, smoking, healthy food and sports.