Gunco introduces Genie S-65 TraX


Is a wheel propelled telescopic boom not strong enough in the field , but is a crawler your only alternative? Gunco has a perfect solution for you: the Genie S-65 TraX. Four independent (rubber) tracks with their own powertrain provide excellent driveability.
Quicker and more comfortable to move than a crawler and with a lower pressure p/cm2 than a 4-wheel telescopic boom.
Possible extra costs for the exchange of a 4-wheeled boom for a crawler or the other way around, are history.
The S-65 TraX finds it's way perfectly well on soft surfaces as well as on other outdoor surfaces, with a speed of max. 4 km/hr.

On locations where less wheel pressure is important, this machine will do well and causes less damage to the surface you're working on.
Even on grass this machine works well, without leaving behind visible traces.

The active oscillation axle system provides for contact of all four tracks with the surface, for maximum grip.

Specifications S-65 TraX

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