Gunco will continue under the name mateco.

Dear client,

This year, we celebrate 50 years of Gunco.

In that time, we have taken the rental, sale and lease of arial platforms, forklift trucks and telehandlers to a leading high level.

Our 50-year anniversary is a milestone in our history. But what would be the next step? For us, it's clear. We are taking it further. Up!


On 1 March 2015 Milcon merged with Gunco BV and has since continued under the name Gunco BV Sittard branch. This makes Gunco Sittard the sixth Gunco office.
As a result of the integration of Milcon in Gunco BV, an even more extensive, young rental fleet is ready for you. With branches in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Goes, Veghel and Sittard we guarantee you the service you are used to receiving from us.


On November 17th Gunco launched her competely new website. The ongowing growth, the still increasing international business contacts and  innovations at Gunco made it clear that a new website was neccessary.